Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!
Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!

                                                           COME CRUISE WITH US! 


                                                    6/21/2013 through 6/28/2013

Shipwreck after shipwreck in pristine waters!



We have often noticed people have to choose between spending a vacation with their family or leaving them and going on a dive trip.  How about a vacation for everyone - one that will allow the divers to dive, the snorkelers to snorkel and the land explorers to have tons and tons to do?

The perfect family vacation for divers would be a trip to Bermuda where the divers are exploring reefs and wrecks in turquoise waters (really – I’ve seen them!) while the family explores the talcum powder pink sand beaches Bermuda is infamous for or partake in some of the (literally) dozens of excursions provided.  You will not be without something to do here.

Nine years ago, I experienced this adventure first hand and have traveled to many places since.  None have compared to the memories, the adventure or the atmosphere I have experienced from the island, ocean and people (such kindness) on this trip.  It literally has something for everyone.  With oceans a deep turquoise and beaches made of fine pink powder – you have to touch to believe.  You can go for a morning dive, meet up with the family for lunch and spend the afternoon exploring with them…. Or go for another dive!

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Norwegian Dawn ~~~~~~~ Click image for addtional cruise info

We have reserved a block of rooms.  These rooms are in the middle of the ship and on the port side, so you will face the island when docked for 3 days (although weather conditions have been known to change this).  We've taken great care to make sure you won't be under the dance floor or casino.


Prices are as follows BUT are an estimate until we can confirm with you (includes tax & ins.).

Inside cabin - $1282. pp/do

Ocean View stateroom with port hole window - $1362. pp/do

Ocean View stateroom with picture window - $1442. pp/do

Ocean View stateroom with balcony - $1672. pp/do

Each additional person in your room pays $808.  Children under 2 are $285. with 2 adults.



Prices include meals (choice of quite a few resturants), lodging, shows (entertainment) and dancing.


Actual cost to dive is not included in this.... we're working on getting a great rate!  The dive shop we've chosen is Triangle Diving because they're going to let us store our gear in a big empty room, so we don't have wet neoprene in our cabins for 3 days!  Much less, carry it on and off the ship!


There's lots to go over and lots to tell you about.... please call us, we'll be happy to give you information.


A great trip for the family at a great price!!  Consider yourself invited!  We'd love to have you!


38 people have signed up for this trip so far....... needless to say, let us know if you're considering this trip!!



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