Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!
Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!


Weekly diving opportunities for YOU!  

Consider yourself invited!




WEEKEND DIVES -  If you're itiching to dive this weekend, please reach out to us on our facebook Community Board or by calling us.  

WEEKNIGHT DIVES -  (Starting soon!)  Sometimes slipping into the water for a mid-week dive is just what you need!  Our mid-week night dives are usually a one tank dive, just enough to reset you and you'll be home at a decent hour for mid week (no regrets in the morning).  If you're ready for a dive this week, please reach out to us on our facebook Community Board or by calling us.  


Mike and Sue can't always dive together

(and we love to dive)

so we need others to dive with!


This is not a guided tour (we can arrange one if you wish, though). 

You are more than welcome to join us - we'll introduce you to everyone and make sure you’re comfortable.


Diving is much more fun when there's others to explore with!


~ Tropical Dive Trips ~


Not only do we train you to dive, we take you to places you’re trained to see!





Our service is extended to our travel department so you get the most out of your dive trip!


We offer a variety of destinations year round that is  sure to please any budget.

All group trips are lead by us personally to assure you get the most out of your dive or snorkel trip – after all, it IS your vacation and it’s important to us you get exactly what you need!!

Come dive with us in


October 9th - 16th, 2021


October 16 - 23rd, 2021 



            Enjoy the freedom of Bonaire

              AND great diving to boot!


Due to rescheduled trips from last year, there's only a few spots left and it's unlikely there will be any more to grab.  Click below for availabilities.

(Click for details)


Join us as we dive and explore the culutre rich island of

Bali in Indonesia!




Whether you are a diver or not, this trip is packed with culture, adventure, marine life and the beauty that makes Bali unique!


Week of January 23 - Jan 30, 2022   (Two rooms available)

Week of January 30 - Feb 6, 2022     (One room available)

Week of Feburary 6 - Feb 13, 2022    (Sold out)

Week of Feburary 13 - Feb 20, 2022   (Sold out)

Week of Feburary 20 - Feb 27, 2022   (One room available)

Week of Feburary 27 - Mar 6, 2022     (One room available)


(click here for details)




How about a Dive Adventure trip where we dive the beautiful Red Sea?!


September 8th - September 15th, 2022

Live-aboard style!


(click here for details)

That's not all by any means!


We're currently negotiating packages for the Maldives, Belize, return trip to Fiji, Truk Lagoon, Philippines, and Bonaire!


Theses trips are alomst finalized - check back for details!

We actively post ‘what’s happening' on facebook

if you are not facebook savvy, please send us an e-mail message and we’ll make sure you are up to date!


There’s always something going on here and we would love to have you join us!




2 Mercury Drive

Londonderry, NH 03053


(603) 432-3483

Click here to JOIN DAN TODAY!


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Beginner - Open Water

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Not only do we train you, we take you to the places you're trained to see!


Weekend Diving

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Local and Worldwide Travel

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