Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!
Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!

Open Water Diver Course: 


Every diver's journey starts with an Open Water Diver course. Here, you will learn to dive safely down to 60 feet. In this course, you will complete a combination of home study, classroom, pool and ocean training. During the pool portion of your training, you will learn a series of skills and given time to demonstrate and perfect them. 


This course is  designed to introduce the basic skills and knowledge needed to explore the underwater world safely and confidentlyt while you perfect your buoyancy and trim under water.


Here's how this course is run here:


As far as the scheduling goes, we try to cater to your availability (we find with today's lifestyles, this works best). When you sign up for your course, you will complete all the academic portions at home - this will get you lined up for your classroom session. We literally open our calendars and figure out days that work for both of us. During your first night, we work together to map out the remainder of the class, pool and out dives. 


Your training will be complete over a period of seven sessions: 

   There will be one classroom session.  This is to verify you have a solid grasp on the material. We get the classroom out of the way the first day - people become stronger divers by being in the water, learning skills and actually diving, so the rest of your training will be in the water.

   The next four times you will be learning skills (and practicing them) in our heated pool (sessions 1-4).

   The last two sessions will be your out dives (1&2, 3&4). The out dives will be in the ocean - that's why we use semi-dry suits as opposed to regular wet suits (they keep you WARM). When you're warm, you want to stay down longer and explore!


We never have more than 4 people per class (if there’s more in your family or group, we won’t split you up). We keep our classes small so students will have the instructor's undivided attention and we're able to move at your pace. IF you need a little time to perfect a skill, we have time to go over it until it's easy for you.


We find the smaller classrooms produce more confident divers who are comfortable diving after they are certified.


The only equipment you will need (of your own) are mask, fins, snorkel and boots fit for scuba - we provide all other equipment. These used to be included in our rental fleet, but hygienically were impossible to keep safe. We offer all sorts of different price levels here and you will get your student discount to boot! 


Unsure if diving is right for you? We offer Try Scuba!  It's an easy introduction to the underwater world. A brief overview of skills, introduction to SCUBA equipment and time to play in the pool under the supervision of an instructor will give you an understanding of what it's like and why so many people enjoy the sport!  Bring a friend and experience what all the fuss is about!  We don't pressure here - if it's not for you, that's okay.

You're sure to have lots of questions - contact us today and we'll be glad to discuss with you what you can expect and the details of the training you're about to recieve!!


(603) 432-3483


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~Weekend Dives ~

If you're itiching to dive this weekend, please reach out to us on our facebook Community Board or by calling us.  We'd be happy to have you, consider yourself invited!

We'll introduce you to everyone and make sure you’re comfortable.

Diving is much more fun when there's others to explore with!



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