Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!
Come on in and check us out - there's always something new here!

Services We Offer


We guarantee our service, period.





  •  Full Regulator Service Facility
    • ​All equipment is water tested after service for your safely.
    • Only original manufacturer's parts are used - period.
      • All parts are replaced to meet manufacturers service requirements.
    • Regulators are calibrated and balanced to each other during service.
    • All technicians are trained directly from the factory.
  • O2 cleaning
    • Regulators
    • Tanks
    • Tank Valves
  • Tank Service
    • ​Tank tumbling (ceramic and bead)
    • Hydro testing
    • Visual inspection
  • Neoprene repair/alterations
  •  Drysuit Reair
    • ​Seals replaced/installed in house
    • Zippers replaced in house


  • Our service extends to scuba training as well. 
  • We help certified divers become more comfortable by taking the time to help you find your bouyancy and trim under the water.  A skill that sounds easy, but is often difficult to achieve without a little help.  Without these critical elements, diving can be fustrating and you consume a lot more air than what a balanced diver does.  
  • Sometimes another set of eyes from an experienced instructor is just what it takes to get you from good to great! 





~Weekend Dives ~

If you're itiching to dive this weekend, please reach out to us on our facebook Community Board or by calling us.  We'd be happy to have you, consider yourself invited!

We'll introduce you to everyone and make sure you’re comfortable.

Diving is much more fun when there's others to explore with!



2 Mercury Drive

Londonderry, NH 03053


(603) 432-3483

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Not only do we train you, we take you to the places you're trained to see!


Weekend Diving

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